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We provide evidence based solutions that are catered specifically to our client needs.

Health Advocacy

Community Health Intervention and Advocacy

We are aware that every community has its own leaders and gatekeepers without which proposed or perceived interventions can not proceed. We are experts at engaging the community and their leaders towards achieving projected health plans.

AnneAide Consulting Workplace Safety Tools

Strategic Healthcare Design

Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact us to find out how we can help today.

Anne Aide Consultancy Health Education on Healthy Living Lifestyle

Corporate Healthcare Consultation and Capacity Building

We help organisations institute a Culture of Health in the workplace including psychosocial risk assessments.

We organise and facilitate health workshop/trainings/seminars for companies as well as upscale of knowledge and skills for health workers.

We also work with organisations to help them fulfil their Corporate Business Responsibilities through community health needs provision.

Basic Life Resuscitation Skills with AnneAide Consulting

First Aid Hands On Training 

We provide training on Basic Life Resuscitation Skills using responsive mannequins, including relief of choking victims (adults and children).

We also provide knowledge and skills training for First Aid in the home and workplace.

School Health and Health Education

School Health

Sexual Reproductive Health is at the core of our business and School health is paramount to us. Research shows that young persons who benefit from sexual reproductive health are more likely to be sexually responsible. We like to catch them young and make them advocates of good health practices. When they know better, they do better.

Health Needs Assessment

Health/Risk Needs Assessment

Often times perceived needs and actual needs are sometimes miles apart. We go the extra mile to research the actual health needs of communities for our clients.

On Stress Management With LEAP Africa

Health Education and Promotion

Our Passion is Preventive Health and we go the extra mile to provide health information to communities and clients against communicable and non-communicable diseases as well as on ProBono basis as part of our Cooperate Social Responsibility

Advocacy Visit

Monitoring and Evaluation

We have experienced hands who have been pivotal in providing Monitoring and Evaluation expertise in assessing project outcomes, relevance and impact

Health Screening

Health Screening

We work with corporate bodies and communities to assess health conditions and health needs.

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