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Health and safety Guidelines for Employees in the Workplace amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Stay home if you are sick and if you have been exposed to persons with COVID-19 infection or have contact with persons who have been exposed to the infection.

2. Ensure to wear a mask at all times in the workplace. Make sure your facemask is well fitted, non-irritable and passes the blow test.

a. If disposable, ensure to dispose properly in a lidded bin following each use

b. If reusable, wash your facemask immediately after each use and iron before reusing. It is advisable to own more than one reusable facemask

c. Do not share your facemask or use one belonging to someone else.

3. Practice strict respiratory hygiene including

a. Sneezing or coughing into your elbows

b. Sneezing or coughing into a disposable tissue and trashing in a lidded bin

c. Avoid touching your face – particularly your nose, eyes, mouth and facemask.

4. Practice strict hand washing hygiene

a. Ensure to wash all sections of your hands for up to 20 seconds with soap and water

b. Alternatively, you may use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content to thoroughly rub both hands until dry.

5. Maintain a sensible distance between each co-worker by putting seats and workstations up to 2 meters apart. Where this isn’t feasible, you may use transparent screens for demarcations between individual workspaces.

6. Do not share office equipment or tools amongst colleagues; where this isn’t feasible, limit sharing of office equipment and use disinfectant wipes where possible. In addition -

a. Ensure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after sharing office equipment or tools.

b. Make sure to have your own writing materials and tools

7. Do not share personal effects or allow colleagues handle your personal property such as phones, bags, books, laptops, monitors with keyboard, hand sanitizers etc.

8. Routinely clean or wipe your workstation with disinfectants to boost decontamination.

9. Be encouraged to mention any health and safety concerns you have in the workplace and do well to inform appropriate authorities in the workplace if you feel unwell or have had contact with an unwell person.

10. Avoid non-essential gatherings (particularly with colleagues, loved ones and friends) and travel. If you must travel, do well to inform relevant authorities in the workplace.

In conclusion, please note that this guideline aims to facilitate workplace safety via the prevention of COVID-19 transmission in the workplace. It does not in any way promote or advocate the discrimination of persons infected with COVID-19 nor persons who have recovered from COVID-19 infection.

In addition to the Employee Guidelines, we have also developed Employer and organisational/business specific guidelines for our business clients. Do contact us for info on how to get you started via or call +234-9099177339.

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